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Project Description

Let users know how you really think of SharePoint, using this fun SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Solution. Using a site collection feature, once deployed and activated it will add sound effects to every page in SharePoint that run a few milliseconds after page load. Can you guess what the sound effects are?

Sure to bring a smile to any meeting, and maybe let your users feel the same special pain we all feel dealing with the SharePoint beast on a regular basis.

Inspired by a recent Onion JavaScript plugin. Thanks!

Tech Specs:

  • Created in SharePoint 2010
  • Using Visual Studio 2010
  • Should be compatible with SP2013
  • SharePoint Sandbox Solution, so can deploy on Office 365
  • Single Site Collection Feature, adds JavaScript library to every page using Element Custom Action Script Link
  • Plays MP3s (saved as inline base64 encoded strings)

A product by Ben Steinhauser, brought to you by B&R Business Solutions,

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